Structural Comparison of Protein Complexes
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Heterodimers comparison

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=What's SCPC?=
SCPC is a program to Structurally Compare Protein Complexes. Given two protein complex structures, SCPC detects similar sub-structures and scores the similarity between them. Input structures are prepared from the biological unit files in PDB that are specified by PDB IDs (e.g. 1e79). Monomeric structures are out of the scope of SCPC. A SCPC calculation usually requires a few seconds - minutes (at most 5 minutes). Now, extremely large protein complexes (composed of more than 5000 residues or more than 20 subunits) are not acceptable in this site.
Koike R. and Ota M. "SCPC: A method to structurally compare protein complexes" Bioinformatics. (Epub ahead of print) [MEDLINE]